What better way to impress your significant other with the BEST pancakes in Toronto?

Seriously even life boss was damn impressed with the pancakes at Mildred’s Temple

And that’s good because she is a damn picky eater! But happy life boss means one dining experience where my ass did not get kicked / yelled at.

We arrived at 845AM to make sure there was a seat for us. This is really important when dining with life boss, because if she gets hangry (hungry + angry) she turns into the HULK!


It’s not a pleasant sight I can tell you.

We sat down and guess what we ordered?

Pancakes of course! Be really stupid to title this blog “Best Pancakes in Toronto” if I didn’t even order it right?

Scratch that, Life Boss ordered the pancakes. I was feeling quite fat that day so I didn’t want to eat pancakes…oh the regrets.

Alright, I know you all want to see a picture of the butter milk pancake so here you go!:

  • These were some MASSIVE PANCAKES. The Buttermilk Pancake is a must order at this place and I couldn’t agree more. I only had a bit of this because pancakes to me this is more of a dessert than a main meal but you know Life Boss got some weird taste. These pancakes were just damn delicious. UntitledUntitled

I only have two reactions to these pancakes:


However, when life boss is hungry she CAN REALLY EAT and will demolish anything in her way. Yes, she again turns in to the HULK!


  • And the only way to satisfy and Hulk life hunger is to a side order of bacon! Holy shit! Life Boss you can eat A LOT OF FOOD!UntitledUntitled

Choi is gonna broke some day from all the food Life Boss is inhaling.


You are probably anticipating what Choi got right? I mean Life Boss got such an epic meal. Choi’s gotta have something crazy big too!


Choi is broke so Choi got a sandwich:

  • My ham and cheese sandwich. Yes, life boss eats pancakes and bacon while I eat a sandwich. That’s just how life goes. Though this shit was delicious too!Untitled

Other information

Looking online, this place has a GREAT REVIEWS. From tripadvisor to google reviews to yelp to eatsomechoi (hah!). You really can’t go wrong here.

Located in the heart of Liberty Village in Toronto, the restaurant opens at 9Am everyday (double check the website though in case they change the hours).

I REALLY recommend getting here early, as this place gets packed later on.

You don’t want your significant other to be waiting, get hangry and turn into a hulk!



The Restaurant

Written from Toronto, Westin Habour on December 18, 2017

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