Ah, aussies.  Everything is backwards here.  the way the toilet flushes, the side they drive on, the way they talk (Just kidding).  No really, Australia is a beautiful country.

Culture wise though, in my opinion anyways they are similar to North America.  They like their beer, they like their meat.  They also love their coffee.  Although thy are not the biggest hockey/basketball/baseball/football fans, they are big on rugby.  Which is cool.  Side note – Rugby 7 is one of the most popular tournaments in Asia.  The stop in Hong Kong is always sold out.


When I ask people what is “Australian Food”, they can’t really give me an exact answer.  Common answers would be meat pies.  But it’s the same when I ask what is American and Canadian food.

Australians, I feel are more laid back, which suits my personality.  Was never a big fan of the corporate style, be serious, always have to watch your back.  That being said, they are also more straight forward with you if they need to say something, they will say it and won’t hold nothing back.  They don’t play games either, which I enjoy.  Sometimes being direct and honest goes a long way in building a relationship.  I find in Asia, a lot of mind games are being played.  How can you ever build a solid foundation when the foundation is based on lies and deceit?


Australians are definitely very nice.  I would rank them up with Canadians (not just because I am a Canadian, but in general people in Canada are nice too).  Here in Australia, people will stop to help you, hold the door for you, let you pass on the freeway etc.  You definitely don’t get that in Hong Kong, or China.

Unfortunately, I feel like I have not been able to experience Australia as much as I want.  Unlike Korea or Hong Kong where public transit is really convenient, Australia like Toronto will require a car to go around.  Since I do have a car, I should drive around more to soak in the culture.  Will be on my to do list!

Australia is beautiful.  Go visit!!!!

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