Nomnomnomnom.  Beef and Liberty is one of my favourite burger joints in Hong Kong!! They had about 10 different kinds of burgers (I had the green chili burger and it was awesome).  The beef patty was made right (I like mine medium rare), the cheese was melted onto the meat patty, the lettuce was fresh and crispy.  Just awesome!!!


The address in english is:

Star St. Precinct,
2/F, 23 Wing Fung St.,
Wanchai, HK

It says Wanchai although I think it may be closer to Admiralty.

We also ordered chicken wings.  SO. GOOD.  Probably one of the best tasting chicken wings I have had in a long, long time. These chicken wings were crispy, but it wasn’t overly breaded like a lot of other chicken wings places.  You can actually taste the meat!! We order one portion, which had 4 pieces of wings.  I think next time if I am not too hungry I am just going to overload on chicken wings.  Order like 10 dishes of them.

After this big Burger, wing meal, we had to eat desert since we read online this was a must eat before you leave.  boy were they right. This dish is called the Warm Skillet Cookie and Cream dish.  Basically its a warm baked cookie (very soft), drowned in cream (not whip cream, like liquid cream).  Food Heaven.

The atmosphere was also very nice!  It’s a bit small, and is located on the second floor on top of Pizza express.  But the environment was lively, and was very cozy.  COME!!!


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  1. I actually ate here last summer when I visited HK … nothing like a good Burger’s Priest in Toronto, but close enough!

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