Saint Petersburg


We had a really late dinner on Saturday in St. Petersburg. Late like 10PM.

Why? Because we wanted to stay up to watch the very epic, very awesome bridges of St. Petersburg open.



Yes I know, I will blog about the bridges in another post.

So yes, we had a very late dinner at this restaurant called “Gogol” near the main street, Nevsky prospect. This restaurant was recommended to us by our lovely local tour guide. She was Russian, we asked for good Russian restaurants, she gave us this. Can’t go wrong right? She say it was a bit pricey but really, when they say it’s pricey in Russia it really means very affordable for us foreigners because the Rubble is damn cheap (see sanctions set by other countries due to bad things done by the Russians).

Didn’t take us long time to find the restaurant, not because we are locals but because we had the help of our trusty GPS. hah.


Sat down, we were all hungry and burnt out. And cold (it was raining the whole day). So I ordered the chicken soup. I really like chicken soup. It’s one of my all time favorite soups. Can’t beat a hot chicken soup on a cold day.

I also ordered Chicken Kiev because I was in Russia. It was delicious.

tumblr_obor3lO9jC1rz57lco3_540Oh the soup was also delicious.

I super recommend this restaurant.

This post only has 3 pictures because I was busy eating at that particular time, so I apologize.

This. Was. A. Great. Restaurant!!!!!!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 10 2016


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