Hong Kong


If you ask me, I tell you the answer is a FUCK NO!


Come on people, just because the waitresses are in skimpy outfits does not makes this establishment any less appropriate! I come here for the food! The wings! The beer! The atmosphere!

It’s a damn family restaurant I am telling you. Even though it was mostly guys here……

oh well

Second question you might have is “How can Choi be so ballsy to bring Life Boss here!?”

Because Choi is a man.

Next question.

Did life boss get mad”


Actually, she concurred with my hooters suggestion.  I think she wanted wings and beers?

Life boss is sometimes cool like that. And for the times where she is cool, I reward her with what she wants.

Therefore, wings and beers is what WE ATE!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Now, I don’t think the hooters wings is the best.

Actually, I find it kind of shit.

Especially their house special “breaded” wings. I am not a big breaded wing person, so yeah not too impressed with that shit. Nor was I impressed with their “spicy” wings.

Spicy wings my ass.

Really, I enjoy going to hooters because it brings back memoriess of when I was young…and stupid..and eating hooters wings with my asshole friends back in Toronto..

I did a lot of stupid shit with my asshole friends.

They also have a kick ass happy hour deal….


The happy hours deal is pretty sweet. The beers range from 55 – 65HKD. Not too shabby.


Or something ridiculous like that.

What a damn good deal.

But, it did feel like the beers were a bit watered down.

They probably watered the beer down because this is a FAMILY RESTAURANT .

Did I persuade you?

Did my points make sense? That its OKAY to take your significant other to Hooters?

Boys, share those stories with me if you did bring your lady to this fabulous establishment.

Of course, it’s always okay to just come with a bunch of guys =)

Insides of the family restaurant
Sports bar!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 15, 2018 

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