Koh Samui


We decided to go to 4 different resorts in Koh Samui.


Why the fuck not!

Don’t tell us what we can’t or cannot do. We are boss, we do what we want.


Okay actually there is a reason why we stayed at 4 different resorts. We wanted to do some research for our guests for a very special event to happen next year. And what better way to research than to actually experience the resort itself right?

You just want an excuse to vacation Choi.

Yeah, that is true too. And I also want to experience what resort hopping feels like.

So I guess I am really doing this for selfish reasons but meh, it’s my life.


First stop: Sea Dance Resort


Our very first stop. I was immediately impressed with their service. Was greeted with friendly smiles, had a welcome drink and the check in process was overall pretty smooth and fast. No complaints there.

We were then lead to our room.


I don’t think I have ever taken and posted a panorama picture before. Or have I? I don’t really remember. I am sure I did.

Choi this does not matter.


Okay, back on topic. The room was not overly huge for Asia standards, but still had enough space. What was unique about is that the room is circular. I wouldn’t like that if it was my own house / condo because no furniture would ever fit and I would be pissed.

But this was pretty unique here.

Rooms are pretty private too, it’s like you are in your own little hut here.

While thinking all of the above, I wanted to go pee. So I went to the washroom.


There was no washrooms in my room.

The fuck is going on?

Oh apparently, the washroom is OUTSIDE.

The fuck?


Life boss thought this was so cool.

Choi did not think this was cool.


Because I never had to sweat while shitting.

Let me tell you, shitting and sweating at the same time is not fun. Okay, I don’t want to go on because I can get really graphic and probably get flagged by wordpress.

Oh actually, I want to add something. One morning I was shitting / sweating, when suddenly I felt this weird sensation on my butt.

Like it suddenly became itchy. Was the toilet dirty? Did Choi not wash his underwear?



Goddamnit mother nature. You really do hate me.

So yeah,there are tons of mosquitoes here. So yeah, shitting, sweating and getting bit. That is an awful combination.

So room is not bad, but man an outdoor washroom, that’s not fun.

Next up – we went to the pool.

Pool was pretty nice. Life Boss really liked it. I thought it was not bad, but didn’t blow me away. But maybe Choi is being a little bitch now. Here have a look guys, what do you guys think about the pool:


Mm okay. Looking back at this photo again it does seem like it’s quite good.

It has a great view. Small pool, but great view. So okay maybe this is a kick ass pool afterall.




The beach itself was pretty small. I was quite surprised, though Koh Samui resorts would all be about the beaches. But not so here!

How about the food?

Life boss and I decided to stay in that night, so we went to the hotel restaurant to grab some food.

I naturally ordered the burger:

  • My burger came with 3 onion rings which I did not know about. Was the chef trying to be nice and friendly to me? Or did Choi just completely missed this in the menu? Probably the latter. One of the better burgers I must say, and I have eaten a lot of burgers in my lifetime. So was definitely satisfied with this. Untitled
  • Life boss got the snapper tacos. She didn’t really like it. HAH! Choi orders a good dish, life boss didn’t! This shows that Life Boss is not right all the time! She is HUMAN!Untitled
  • Finally dessert. Lime Crumble. I don’t know how to review desserts so I will just show you the picture:Untitled

Overall this place is good for budget conscience people.

Per Life Boss, this resort is one of the cheaper ones on the resort. I was quite surprised, because the cleanliness, the service quality and the food matches to the other “expensive ones”.

The only thing I did not like was the outdoor washrooms.

Other minor points that we noted:

  • Air conditioning was quite loud
  • Internet is shotty here (but this was consistent with all the other hotels). So if you are a blogger you are going to get FUSTRATED here.

So final conclusion, does Choi recommend this place?

YES HE DOES! Just bring some mosquito repellent otherwise your ass is going to get bite.

Written from De Nang, Pullman Resort June 4, 2018

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