Vang Vieng


Would you give up the driver seat if your lady asks for the wheel?

This was my dilemma when we were driving our awesome, kick ass ATV around Vang Vieng.


A bit of a background first:

We drove an ATV on our second trip in Laos was in Vang Vieng (first being the beautiful Luang Prabang) because that’s what you should do there. Also because Life Boss wanted to check out some Lagoons, which were not really worth it in my opinion. They just look like damn swimming pools.

Anyhow, we rented an ATV for half a day for 350,000Kip (42USD) which includes gas. Pretty good deal if you ask me.


Got in the car, and drove to our first destination.

Lagoon 2 and 3.

Choi drove to the Lagoons because that’s what Life Boss wanted to see first. Again, nothing special. They all look like damn swimming pools.




Not Impressed

Yeah was not impressed with the lagoons itself. I will say you can totally skip that shit and just drive around in your ATV!

Speaking of which, we started this adventure with me in the driver seat. It had nothing to do with the men needing to drive, it simply happened that way.

And all was well, when life boss said “I want to drive the ATV”. 


I was scared.

And the reason I was scared, is because I had near death accidents with Life Boss behind the wheels.

The first example – we were in the parking lot. Life Boss proceeded to put the drive into the “drive” gear, meaning we were gonna go roaring forward.

We were facing the curb .

The second example – she drove a standard transmission car on the freeway. In first gear.


These near death experiences was running through my mind when Life Boss was already half way to the driver seat.

There were only two options for me:

  • Give up my driver seat nicely, and walk to the passenger side like a nice puppy
  • Keep sitting in the driver seat and give her a death stare.

Option # 2 would have me feel better about able to see tomorrow. But would have gotten my ass kicked.

Nah fuck that, I don’t want pain. So I went for option # 1.

So life boss proceeded to get in to the ATV.


And she started driving:



And overall, she drove quite well.

Two hands on the wheel like an old china lady professional driver.

I was even enjoying myself for a while, I kicked back and soaked in the scenery.




And then, to my horror I saw Life Boss not looking at the wheel!

What are you doing!!



Did you survive Choi?

Well I am drafting this post right now ain’t I? So yeah, I did survive. My balls didn’t though because my manhood was taken away that moment as Choi started to scream like a little girl (I am exaggerating, Choi doesn’t scream like a little girl. Unless he sees a cockroach).

Anyways, I was glad I gave up my driver seat to Life Boss (despite the dangers).


Because I got to take in the beautiful surroundings of Vang Vieng.

So beautiful.




Life Boss also stopped to take a lot of photos.

Maybe that’s why she wanted to take the driver seat. So she can stop whenever, wherever she wants.

Yes, Life Boss likes to control things.



Mother nature was being a super bitch that morning…

As it was drowning in rain that day .Luckily for us it died down around 10AM, so we decided to still go ahead with driving the ATV around.

I eventually took the wheel back though. Which explains why my left arm was tanned as fuck but my right was still pale as fuck.

It looked damn weird.

Boys – would you give up the wheel if your  significant other asks for it? Let me know!

Written from Yangon, Best Western on May 31, 2018

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