Have you ever heard of Bon Bo Hue?

If you are from Toronto or Hong Kong (like myself) then you may not have heard about this damn delicious dish. In Toronto, Hong Kong all you see and hear is Pho, Pho, Pho. Which I am not complaining about. Pho is king of all noodles.


But ever since I had Bon Bo Hue in Sydney I knew this would be my second love (behind PHO of course).

So when we went to Hue for vacation, you know we had to eat that shit again.


Because Hue is the capital for Bon Bo Hue! So needless to say our first stop at Hue was at this local restaurant called “Bo Gio Gan Cua Cha”. I think.

I am not really sure if that’s the name of the restaurant. It might mean something else in Vietnamese.

If you are Vietnamese please help me out there haha.


What is Bon Bo Hue?

Bon Bo hue is an awesome, delicious, fucking good noodle dish.

That’s really all I can say about this dish. But I guess for readership sake I should spill out a bit more facts. So let me wikipedia this up and summarize some important points:

  • Main flavor is lemon grass – Can’t go wrong with lemon grass
  • Balance between spicy, sour, salty, and unami flavors – what the fuck is unami flavors?
  • Consists of thin slices of marinated, boiled beef shanks and pig knuckles – delicious
  • It can also include pig blood – I love pig blood. But the locals thought we were weak sauce tourists so none of them served us this…dammnit!
  • Originated from central Vietnam, from the city Hue – I already told you this shit. 

Doesn’t the above description make you feel hungry?


Allow me to make you feel even more hungry by showing you this picture of my bowl of delicious Bon Bo Hue:




You can’t go wrong with a bowl of Bon Bo Hue.

I’m not kidding you. This hits the SPOT every time I eat.

True I still prefer Pho, but you can’t go wrong with either really.




Written from Hong Kong, Home on June, 24, 2018

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