As mentioned in numerous posts before, I love a good hot dog.

 I even love the hot dogs you get from the street vendors in Toronto.


Honestly, if you ever visit Toronto, forget the fine dining.  Go downtown, find a street vendor, and order a Polish / German Sausage. Drown it with all sorts of condiments and sauce.  This tastes even better after a night of drinking.  This, Pho and Burritos are the best ever drinking meals on this planet.

Back to this hot dog.  for $3.50 Canadian, you get a hot off the grill sausage, all the condiments the vendor has to offer, and your choices of a variety of sauces.  This is so delicious.  Typing this post makes me miss a good bad ass barbeque back home.

haha, I wish I had a great view of Toronto to show case my hometown, instead I posted a picture of a hot dog…no worries..more posts to come.

but seriously, TRY THIS!!!!


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  1. Hot Dog | Purlou, best of edibles & drinkables

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