The Thais love their hotpot don’t they?

We were searching for dinner in a mall and there were at least 3 hot pot restaurants. We really should have went for Thai food, but we are chinese and it is in our blood to want hotpot.

I seriously can hotpot every single day.

We chose this restaurant called Sakura for hotpot, and am trying my best to find their website so I can link it here. Main problem is the internet is shit. Can’t load anything for the life of me. If you want to find it just go to the Central Mall Bangkok website and find Sakura.

oh oops I just got the link haha click here.



Not going to get into the details of what we ordered (hint – meat).

What I will get into though is that their pork is awesome! Like damnnnnnn fine quality, melt in my mouth right away. Two big thumbs up to you Sakura.

However I have to give you one thumb down for the portions. When I go to hotpot, I am expecting a huge ass plate full of meat. The portions you gave me did not fit this criteria. I should not expect all restaurants to do this, but hell I don’t care it’s my blog so minus 1.


Above picture is a salmon dish. It was already cooked, don’t need to put it in our pot of awesomeness.  Salmon dish was pretty bad ass too.


Above salmon however was raw. It had to go into our pot of deliciousness and awesomeness.  Super duper fresh!


Drinks here were also unlimited. I had myself 4 glasses of the ice tea. Pretty sure I got diabetes after.


Must do this again soon!


I love these wide angle shots -> random.

Just writing this post makes me want hotpot right now.

Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 14 2017


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