You know what are the best attractions in the world?  ONES THAT ARE FREE! HELLS YEAH!

So when I found out the Masmak Fort in Riyadh was FREE, I was like HELLS YEAH.  let’s do ittttttt.

I was really surprised that it was FREE though…usually these kind of historical places would make you pay a fee.



I guess the royal family made enough money so the don’t need anymore.  Anyways the Masmak Fort is a fort made of out mud.



That is all I have to share.  Oh wait, yes this was also the starting point of reunification of Saudi Arabia…apparently Saudi Arabia was united three times…this was the last time starting at Masmak Fort.


I really hope I got the history right.  I probably didn’t, so you are better off going to the wikipedia link that I have up there.  haha.

I am really bad at retaining memory.  I was watching the movie limitless last night, how I wish that I could retain most of the information that I obtained in my entire life.  I probably be super smart and make a lot of money.

Back to the fort.


The fort had a lot of information on the history and customs of Saudi Arabia.  It talked about the reunification and the wars that happened in order to unite the kingdom.  I do like history, so I spent about 1 – 1.5 hours here.  There was a lot of information to absorb.  Definitely recommend it.

It is also located in the city center (called old Riyadh).  It’s called old because, well the buildings are old.  So that was pretty neat.

If you have time, definitely come here.  Actually don’t think you have a choice, there is really not much to do in Riyadh on a weekend haha.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 22 2016


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