I am in Amsterdam.  Sorry, I was in Amsterdam.  So as you are reading this you are probably thinking why the fuck would I go to a park in Amsterdam.  And why the fuck would I go alone to a park in Amsterdam.

Simple answer is because if I don’t, then my entire trip in Amsterdam would consist of eating and drinking and barfing.  And the Van Gogh art museum. LoL.



Not exactly “experiences” of Amsterdam, although some may argue that what I did represents Amsterdam.

meh.  I had a whole day to myself, so I googled what was near my hotel.  One “attraction” that popped up was the Amstelpark.

A lot of attractions for kids such as mini putt and a small farm.  But when I got there it was hella empty, probably because it was cold and raining.  But in Amsterdam everyday it rains and is cold.  So what the hell is going on.


I don’t know I ain’t a detective.

The Amstelpark was hella nice though and I was able to get some emo moments in.  Especially when I got to walk beside the river.  You know the normal emo shit.

Thinking about life.

Thinking about the future.

Thinking about what to eat for dinner etc.

Things that are important to me.  And things that require a lot of thoughts and deliberation.

This is a nice park.

Go to it if you have time.

Not a must go.

It is free.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 9 2016

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