Maggie Beers is a popular Australia Cook, who knows a farmshop / cafe in the Barossa Valley Region. As per the internet, this was a pretty popular destination, and since we were around the area we decided to pop in.  I ordered the Duck Currant Spread dish.  The duck spread was very rich and the bread was fresh.  However, I guess I don’t know how to appreciate fine foods.  Or maybe it was because I was hungry and the meal wasn’t able to satisfy my hunger (I ate another order of bread and also soup).  But I don’t think I enjoyed the meal as much as I should! For those that have visited this place please let me know what your opinions were!  I am no food expert so that’s why I don’t know how to appreciate this!


If you are looking for the address, I have it here for easy reference:

50 Pheasant Farm Road
Nuriootpa SA 5355

Strongly recommend you to use a GPS if you are not familiar with the area.  The farmshop is tucked in nicely so it’s hard to see it at first!

The cafe itself was small and cozy.  Before ordering, you can also try out the different spreads the place has to offer.  Since I was so hungry, I took a big chunk from each type of spread.  People were probably staring me but I didn’t care, I needed food.

Cheers to Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop!



  1. I live in the Barossa and love the Farm Shop and what Maggie has done for food and for the Barossa, but whenever I take visitors to her cafe for lunch, I do feel as though I need to ‘prepare’ them for what is to come as I think that practically everyone I have taken there has been disappointed by the basket style cuisine. And for me, as a local, I can buy the stuff myself and add to it so that it is more of a meal, than a snack. Having said that, it is clearly popular and a unique experience! Hope you enjoyed our home.

    1. Well said tina! I think it is a unique type of cuisine that you dont see anywhere else, which is probably why I didn’t know how to enjoy it to the fullest. Was still an awesome experience though.

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