I apologize for the unappealing image of me eating my rack of ribs.  But my…Hurricanes Grill Sydney Steakhouse you make the best ribs ever.  There are five locations in Sydney and I was lucky to have been able to try the one at Darling Harbor and Bondi Beach.  They are most famous for their pork ribs, and I strongly recommend you get this.  If you are starving, then you should try to tackle the full rack of Ribs.  It was my mount Everest.  For those that want to take it easy, then half rack should be good enough.

Oh, the website is:


It’s really hard to get a seat in Hurricanes, so I do recommend making reservations ahead of time.  The first time I went to Hurricanes (the one at Darling Harbor) it was so packed and busy, even at 8PM.  However, people were still willing to wait till 9 to get a seat.  Just shows you how popular this place is.

You really need to come here if you are a rib lover, don’t think you will be disappointed!!


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  1. Oh God, those ribs look delicious. I’m a little jealous and want some now… 🙂

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