Hong Kong


Every time we visit Hong Kong, we have to eat all our favorite dishes.

One of these places is Life Boss’ favorite noodle place called On Lee Noodle. The first time we came here, I wasn’t too impressed with the noodles or the soup. I think I just ordered wrong because this time around I absolutely LOVED it.

I ordered the braised beef noodles (thin). Note to self – DON’T GET THE BEEF STRIPS, GET THE BRAISED BEEF. It’s so much better. They marinated the beef to perfection, and it wasn’t tough either. So good. I also enjoyed eating the thing noodles, more so the thick noodles. Life boss likes the thick noodles more though so remember that Choi or else you will get your ass kicked by life boss.

Life Boss’ Dish
My braised beef thin noodles.

We also got this condense milk + butter sandwich. Oh my god. It was also so good. Pretty sure it’s not good for my body or health or weight, but fuck it, I am on vacation. Another must order in my opinion.

Condensed + Butter Sandwich
This place closes every thursday

This place makes so much money that they are closed on Thursday. Now that’s boss. Rent in Hong Kong is super expensive, so the fact they can close for a day means they make a lot of dough. Also, there’s a fake on lee noodle place just across from the original one. So make sure you go to the right one (I think there was a family feud).


Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 25, 2019

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