Here’s a Korean restaurant you should not go to.

Imonay. We came here after a networking event (life boss and a buddy) and wanted to try something new in Korean Town. There was this restaurant that didn’t have a huge line up (probably a bad indicator) so we decided to try it. Bad ass mistake. First of all, the server looked like she hated her life and didn’t want to serve us. Second of all, and most important of all the food was complete and utter shit. Life boss and buddy got the tofu stew – the tofu had not taste to it. Life boss thought it was even sour. Fail. I ordered a pork bone soup, pretty sure they powder that shit because the soup was thick as fuck. That’s not authentic pork bone soup. The Toppoki was not bad, but did not save this shitty meal.

Also, I have no idea how the hell this restaurant is getting 4 stars on yelp. Another reason not to trust yelp. Swear these yelpers get free shit so they HAVE to give the restaurants a good rating. Fuck off, I had a shitty meal.

Shitty Menu
Shitty Pork Bone Soup

Written from Toronto Home, on September 22, 2019

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