How to Fail A Date!! (Humor)

How to fail on a date.  I am sure we’ve all experienced a bad date here and there.  Since I have some time to kill, thought I come up with things to make your date more awkward! =p.  This is meant to be a fun post, so don’t take it too serious!


What is one way to really impress your lady?  Just keep talking about yourself. Talk about your accomplishments, how you were able to jump over 2 guys to dunk a ball, how you make millions (when you really don’t).  Dating articles nowadays say you have to be a good listener whenever she talks.  Forget that! Why listen when you can talk!

After you talk for almost 1 hour about purely yourself, your date should get a little bit annoyed with you.  Good!  Next up, criticize what she wears.  Statements like “Why did you choose that dress” or “that color don’t suit you” or “That style of clothing is not for you”.  Girls spend a lot of time thinking of what to wear. So why not push their button a bit more by saying you have better fashion style than them??

Next step, have your buddy call you in the middle of the date.  Make a big scene out of it, saying very loud how there is this BIG BIG Game that is going to start soon.  Also emphasize the fact that they are at a awesome bar.  Hang up.  Look at your date, and say do you mind if I leave?

At this point she is probably glad you are going to leave.  Not so fast babe!!  To put the nail in the coffin, you have to do this one final step.  After she agrees that you can leave, tell her thanks, ask for the bill, and make her pay =)

Congrats! You’ve succeeded in failing in a date (and became an ass in the process).

haha.  Seriously though, don’t do what I just wrote.  You may get slapped. =)


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  1. LOL i enjoyed reading this hahah you should write more humor posts

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