Whenever I come back to Toronto, I always wake up super early on the first morning.  This time was no different when I went back home for Chinese New Years.


As usual I was up and about around 5AM….and this is Toronto so nothing was opened..until I googled “24 hours restaurants in Toronto”.  Okay maybe there actually is a few restaurants that are opened late / early.  One restaurant that was close to my place was called Magic Noodles, selling well noodles obviously.


Got into my car and drove there (it’s located and midland and mcnicoll).  I ordered the beef noodles naturally.  It was okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  I mean the noodles were pretty good, the soup base was meh and the beef was meh.  kind of bland in my opinion.  Don’t think I will come back here to get noodles.

I did order tofu (don’t know why, just felt hungry).  Yes this was much more flavorful and in my opinion outshined the noodle dish in itself.   Which is why I have the tofu picture as the main picture instead haha.

Interesting, they do have a website too! If you are hungry at 3AM that this could be one option!


Written from Toronto, Home on February 7 2015


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  1. So excited. I’m going to Toronto on next month. Thank you for your posting ^^

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