When you eat claypot rice you have to eat it at the best places in Hong Kong.  And of one of the best places to eat Claypot rice is at Kwun Kee, located Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Western District  or 西環皇后大道西263號和益大廈地下1號舖.  They are so good that they have another store, just around the corner, 243-245 Des Voeux Road West,Western District 西環德輔道西243-245號



Per the internet reviews both place gets packed really fast……so go earlier! We went at 6PM, and there were still a lot of tables so that’s the time I recommend going.
Wait, you are probably wondering what is claypot rice right/

Well….from the picture above you can tell it’s rice, meat, fish jammed into a pot and then they cook it at very high temperatures.  It’s a hong kong delicacy.


There a lot of variations you can choose for your claypot rice, from frog to chicken to pork to fish.  It really depends on your own preference.  We ordered the eel plus pork ribs, delicious.  I will order more of the eel next time.

We also ordered the usual veggies and sweet/sour pork because we are foreigners.  But let’s not get distracted.

The focus here is the claypot rice.  Get the claypot rice if that is the only thing you will order.

There was also soup available, but the waitress said it was good for 3 – 4 people..and we only had two… time.

Oh and yes, you can call to make reservations.  Whether they give you the reservation is another story.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2 2015


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  1. Looks delicious! I love Hong KONG

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