Temple of literature.  The temple of Confucius.

Basically, this was the first university in Vietnam.  It’s a pretttty big deal, which is why even though it was raining on this particular day we still decided to go and check it out.


You have to pay an entrance fee though =(  Seriously whyyyyyy.  If it’s raining I feel like it should be free because the experience isn’t the same anyways.

But oh well, we paid and we went in.

Upon entering you are greeted by this beautiful pond of water in the temple.  It probably doesn’t look nice in my picture because it’s raining.  But it is nice so take my word for it.

So looking at the history from the internet, this temple / university was built around 1070.  Almost 1000 years old!!  Crazy.  But of course the temple itself has been renewed, otherwise it would have fallen apart and we wouldn’t be able to see it.

Aside from the pool of water, you can get to in to the actual temple / university and see first hand what it was like to be in school, in the 1070s.  That sounded weird.  In other words. how people in the olden, olden days used to go to school.

How I wish I can go back to school.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 14 2016


  1. Shame about the weather – this is my favourite place to visit when we are in Hanoi. Of course, with a little bit of sunshine, it looks totally different!

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