I am not the biggest congee fan, but since I was in Macau I had to go eat some crab congee.  Not really sure why crab congee is famous in Macau, is it because they are a port city?  I am really bad with history, someone please tell me why.  Well, anyways, so we wanted to eat crab congee and per the internet this place called “Seng Cheong” ( really good.


And really famous.

It was famous, as I saw a lot pictures of stars posing with the owner.  I guess if this place is good enough for celebrities, it’s good enough for me.


We ordered the crab congee (duh), which costed a whopping 180HKD. That’s damn expensive for congee.

It was okay.

The congee I meant.  I could see the crab, as it was in the porridge.  Taste wise, meh.  Not sure if I would order this again, it was too expensive and it wasn’t really flavorful.

The portion was big though, as it was enough to feed two adults.

I don’t know, maybe because I am not a big fan of congee which explain why I am not loving this dish.  Try it out and let me know?


Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 29 2015


  1. This looks amazing. I’ve had some pretty good congee in Manhattan’s Chinatown, but this looks so much lighter and fresher than anything I’ve tasted. Looks and sounds great with the crab!

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