I apologize for the crappy pictures.  This is the house where Ho Chi Minh used to live.  Why was I unable take other photos whilst visiting hte Mausoleum?  Because they wouldn’t let me.  Like literally, I could not take a picture of the building, the street, the tree.  But it’s okay it’s forever embedded in my mind.


What is the Mausoleum you say?  It’s where Ho Chi Minh lies.  Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the communist party in Vietnam, who led the revolution I guess?  It’s a pretty big deal because his face is every where in Vietnam.

Once you enter the Mausoleum, it’s dark and quite. Like really quiet.  There are four guards inside the Mausoleum, protecting Ho Chi Minh.   They got pretty strict rules too, but it only makes sense since you are paying respects to a deceased.  Rules such as no mini skirt, no putting your hands in your pocket, no cameras (duh) etc.

I think it’s reasonable for me.  Worth a trip if you are in Hanoi!


Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 13 2016

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