Ever heard of Kai Yuan temples?

Neither have I.

I usually just say “Chinese Temples”. Or temple. But that’s mainly because I forget the names of the temple that I visit. I really should write down notes when traveling. 

Oh well.

I also don’t look into the significance of temples usually because, well it’s a damn temple. But since I am trying to learn more through this blog, I took sometime to learn about the Kai Yuan Temple that we visited in Chaozhou.

Learning time people!


Kaiyuan temples was first established in 738 in China. This one over 200 years.

Holy shit that is a long time. Like 1400 years long.

I wonder how the first person came up with the idea of building a temple.

Did they say “Hey! Gods need a house too?”

Mmm not sure.

Though this temple has only been around for 200 years, it has probably been refurbished a godzillion times. Still quite impressed this temple is still around.


Taiyuan temples are Buddhist temples.

Choi – no shit it’s a buddhist temple. Tell me something I don’t know. 




The temple was originally named the Lifeng Temple by Emperor of Xuangzon of tang dynasty.

It was only renamed to Kai Yuan during Yuan dynasty. I guess when you win a war, you get the authority to rename everything.

If I ever conquered Canada, I guess I would rename CN Tower to Choi’s ______ (enter human body here, yes Choi is immature), problem?


This temple has been classified as a “National Key Buddhist Temple”.

So it seems like a pretty big deal temple.  There are about 142 Buddhist temples that are under this classification, which is quite a small number given that China is huge as fuck.


Did you learn anything?

I hope so!

Otherwise why are you still reading this shit?!

AND, if you think Choi is super knowledgeable about his temples you are dead wrong.

Everything here is from wikipedia haha, so thank you wikipedia!

good job



Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 6, 2018

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