We really got to stop following these damn food bloggers / reviewers.


Because all these damn “food bloggers” were saying how good Tuc was. Even on yelp it was rated # 1.

Well fuck you guys because you keep bringing me to these oveprriced and shitty food. I swear these “yelpers” or food bloggers get free shit in exchange for a good review.

Fuck you guys!

At least the atmosphere was good.

Not to mention the service was pretty good too. So I give it that. Maybe the food bloggers were really referring to just the service?!


The food.

The disappointment begins with the so-called “Fried White fish Tempura”.

Have no adjectives to describe it other than it’s shit.


Second disappointment. My salmon with goat cheese.

the salmon was not bad, though it could be a little bit more cooked (but I ain’t complaining). The goat cheese was a weird combination though…


3rd dish was some elk carpaccio or some stupid shit like that.

Nothing special.


4th disappointment.

Some Cauliflower shit that’s made to taste and feel like chicken. Don’t know why life boss orders these weird ass shit.

If you want something to taste like chicken wings just order the damn chicken wings!


If you have any horror stories of how these “food blogger” mislead you let me know!



Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2018

Categories: Vancouver

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