One of the top Italian restaurants in Shenzhen is Elba Italian Restaurant at the St. Regis.

And like most top Italian restaurants, it’s a fine dining place. Plus it’s at the St. Regis.

Too bad le father doesn’t give a fuck it’s an Italian Restaurant.

Waitress: What wine would you like sir?

Le Father: What kind of french wine do you have. 

Waitress: We only have Italian wines sir. 

Le Father: Italian wines are shit. I want french wine.

Waitress: Sir, this is an Italian restuarant. 

Le Father: So?


Come on le father, you wouldn’t order chinese food at McDonald’s right?

Pretty sure the waitress was thinking “What the fuck is wrong with you guys”.

Note to self –  don’t bring le father to these kind of places unless I want to never come back again.

After 15 minutes of arguing about the damn wine, we finally ordered and proceeded to wait.

Our delicious Italian food.

  • The first dish up is our appetizer, which was the “smoked Hokkaido scallops. In order to have “smoked Hokkaido scallops, you need to “smoke” the shit out of the scallops. This gives it a “smokey” taste. You probably want tot hit me right now hah. Pretty good, and pretty fresh. No complaints there.Well, I did wish we ordered more appetizers but WHATEVER.UntitledUntitledUntitled
  • My tenderloin. Pretty juicy, pretty good. Though le father made a good point in that we should have ordered fucking Italian food like Pasta and Pizza. Probably would have been even better. Oh well, this was still good. Plus it’s good for my low carb dietUntitledUntitled
  • Got gelato ice cream because it came with fruits. Wanted to give le father fruits. It’s Gelato ice cream so I have nothing else to addUntitled

So is this one of the best Italian Restaurants in Shenzhen?

I will have to say yes! The food is pretty decent, though quite pricey.

BUT, the atmosphere / view here is worth the price of admission even if you just come here once.

This restaurant is located on the 99th floor. That’s right. 99th.


If you have any fear of heights this is NOT the place to be.

If you want to enjoy a nice Italian meal with a good view of the city, then this is a good candidate to have your dinner. Just know your wallet will take a bit of hurting.

And yes, we had Italian wine.

Le father and I
What did we order?

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 9, 2018

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