Went to Niagara Falls with Life Boss.

So you know we had to eat something good at night. Otherwise Choi will get his ass kicked.

Got a good recommendation from a friend saying we should visit Peller Estate Winery. So that’s what we did, went to Pellers to eat some good food and drink some good wine!

For those that don’t know, Pellers Estate is not located in Niagara Falls but in Niagara on the lake.  So technically this post should be categorized under “Niagara” and not “Toronto”, but whatever close enough.


It took us 30 minutes to arrive at the winery.


Not because it was far.

Or because I was a slow driver.

It’s because it was snowing like a motherfucker that night. Had to drive extra slow otherwise we would have died and not make it to this delicious meal.

Some facts about Peller Estates Winery:

  • Winery opened in 1969 – That’s damn old
  • They were named “Best Canadian Winery of the Year” at the London’s international wine and spirit competition
  • The executive chef is Jason Parsons
  • Listed as one of the top wineries in Tripadvisor

This place is damn cozy!

Not a very big venue which was fine by us. Also had a fireplace which added a nice, winter touch to the whole atmosphere.

We pondered back and forth whether we should get the five course or eight course meal. We were getting a bit poor so fuck it, went with the 5 course meal. Probably better for my diet anyways.


We also decided to go with the wine pairing option.

Which fucked my life over because when I drink wine, I go to sleep right away.

And that’s a huge problem because I drive standard transmission.

Life boss does not know how to drive standard transmission.



The five course meal review:

  • First came the soup. I think it was pumpkin soup but I need to verify with life boss (fuck I need to jot down notes of my meal).  The soup was good especially during winter. I liked it. Untitled
  • Our Salmon. Was crispy on the outside, soft on the side. In other words, cooked to perfection. I liked it. Untitled
  • Our beef dish. We like it medium rare, which by the picture you can see it was (i.e. look at the redness). I liked it. Untitled
  • Our dessert. Some cranberry ice cream shit. MEH. Not a big cranberry fan myself so probably why I didn’t like it as much. Untitled


I think I am a bit spoiled from the fine dining in Hong Kong. Feel like there was nothing special about this meal even though it was very tasty and good.

Usually in Hong Kong there’s this wow factor, like something exploding in your mouth or something letting steam out.

Still, this was a nice dining experience that you should check out if you are around the Niagara area!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 11, 2018

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