Luang Prabang


I was going to write about my trip to the Kuang Si waterfalls in Luang Prabang.


But fuck it, you can probably find that in millions of other blogs. You don’t need me to rehash the same shit over and over again.

So let’s talk about something else.

Let’s talk about why waterfalls are so beautiful.


The beauty of a waterfall doesn’t just lie in it’s natural beauty. No, waterfalls offer so much more in terms of insight into life.

How? Let’s dive in (bad pun) 3 analogies we can use with waterfalls.

1 – Getting lost in life.

There are many moments when we all get lost in life.

And if you are in that moment right now, don’t fret it. It’s completely normal in today’s day and age. Look at all the commitments and responsibilities that you have. Quite overwhelming right?

Well, close your eyes and picture a gentle waterfall.



Now ask yourself these questions:

Where is the water flowing to?

How does it know where to flow to?

Who tells it where to flow?

The water doesn’t think about these things. It just goes along with the flow, and hopes for the best.

And to me, that’s the kind of thinking we need to adopt sometimes in this day and age. Forget all the worries, stress and just enjoy life.


2 – Be relaxed.

You might think right now “Wow Choi is getting all emotional right now.”


On the contrary, I am quite relaxed right now in Koh Samui while drafting this post up. Life boss is asleep and I am just typing away on my keyboard.

I don’t need to force myself to write anything in particular (just like how I didn’t want to write about my Kuang Si waterfall experience). These words are just flowing out like a stream of water.

All you need to do is relax, and know that life will handle it’s own business for you.



3 – Life is beautiful.

Just like a waterfall.

Remember that the next time you hate life, or you get frustrated with it. Just know that your life is unqiue, and is beautiful. There is no other you, just like there is no same waterfall in the world.



I didn’t mean this to be a serious post.

I was staring at these damn beautiful pictures of the fall, and I was influenced to write such a post.

What do you guys think? Think my post is full of it, or you actually agree? Feel free to leave any comments, I am eager to read them! (This will be so embarrassing if no one comments).



Written from Koh Samui, Sea Deep Resorts on May 20, 2018


  1. My favourite pictures are those of the gentle waterfall at the beginning when you ask us to reflect….. Despite the deceptively still surface, there is still motion and current. Time and life still moves on…. but the capacity to enjoy life in the moment is a gift. Bomb pictures btw.

    1. Love the “capacity to enjoy life in the moment is a gift”. Too often do we fret the details and not just enjoy the moment. So true. Thanks for dropping by!

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