As some of you may know the leafs played their first playoff game in like 9 years. I woke up early just to watch this! Think I was still in highschool the last time they were in the playoffs. lol. The atmosphere at the ACC and downtown toronto was amazing ( at least that’s what I saw on TV anyways). Anyways, my rant is about these so called leafs fan who jumps around and gives up hope just because of two losses.

We lost 3 games, but we are not out yet.

Seriously. Yes it was a bad play. But please don’t act like the series is over.

We are down 3 – 1 yes. But please remember flyers a few years ago came back down 0 – 3. Furthermore, you should be supporting your dam team ups and downs!

We’ve supported the team for last 9 years, and it’s been shitty. Now that we are in the playoffs we should at least enjoy it =.=. It irks me to see these leaf fans say it’s over, screw dion, etc etc when it’s a best of 7 series. You need to win 4 games. -,-. yes odds are against but as a fan aren’t u suppoes to believe and cheer for them until u are out for sure?



Seriously. Get these suits out of the ACC. It’s so embarssing to see the ACC half empty at the beginning of the second period because of the all suits are like drinking wine or sometihng.

Let the real fans in, please.

Anyways, enough of my rant. Heading to macau tonight, and then BACK TO TORONTO/CHICAGO THIS WEEK WOOT WOOT I AM EXCITED. and of course GO LEAFS GO!!

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