Me and my buddies!

and immm home!!!

landed on thursday night (1AM).  My flight was delayed for 4 hours.  Then I got in, and it got delayed for another 20 minutes -.- I was like..I just want to go home!!!!! hahha.

It’s good to be home.

Good to see friends and family.

Good to see my cat.image

Good to breathe in some clean air…



Anyways partied hard on friday!! As you can see from above this man drank hard..during pre drinking.  Then went to the club EZ. It was good times.  many people did not know how to get back home LoL.

Then drank some beer. Nothing too much to post right now since I’m only here for two days.

Chi City

Also rushing to the airport soon! gonna be in chicago soon.  Super excited about chicago.  Chicago I heard is another beautiful city.

Couldn’t catch the cubs cause they are not playing that week.  So have to settle for the white sox instead.  They”re playing boston =).

Too bad i didn’t bring my red sox cap..guess my blackhawks cap will have to do.

Anyways, I’ll back but love ya toronto!!

o, and i miss canadian breakfast yum yum




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