Chef Tatung accomplishment / experience includes:

    • Being a TV personality
    • has an award winning cook book
  • Being an advocate of Filipino food internationally
  • Food magazine also listed him as a “50 best” in 2013

All this points to a great chef that delivers great food right?

And what is this? He has a restaurant called Agos?



Does this mean Choi finally found a GOOD restaurant in Manila? Like no offense, but I have not been impressed with the filipino food here.

Not Impressed

So when my local colleague introduced Agos to me, I was a bit skeptical.

Let me try the food first, then we will say if the food is good (hint: this has a sad ending).

Our order:

  • Roasted Pork was so good. Just like the ones they make in Hong Kong! Or does this mean I just prefer Hong Kong roasted pork…I don’t know…Untitled
  • Baby back ribs! Yo! So much better than Hong Kong. Hong Kong seriously has shit ribs. This one, I loved it! We devoured it!Untitled
  • Lettuce Wraps with chicken bits. So healthy! The chicken bits had so much flavor too…gahh I am in heaven.Untitled
  • Seafood Paella. Didn’t have much of this as I was on my low carb diet. But was told it was good. UntitledUntitled

Is this place authentic?

No not really. At least not authentic Filipino food. It’s more of an American / Spanish / Filipino fusion type of cuisine.

Which probably explains why I liked it so much more. I think my palette is just made for American pizza and burgers.

And I thought Chef Tatung wanted to promote Filipino cuisine?

Why is it a mixture of other cuisines?

Eh fuck, at least we now know a good restaurant to dine in Manila right?





What the fuck, this place close down!?

Does this mean this place is actually shit and that Choi has horrible taste?

God damnit, and I spent 1 hour writing this shit up and praising this restaurant.

I really need to stop these restaurant reviews.


Took a picture of the entrance so I know where to find it. Doesn’t matter now I guess.
Pretty cool interior decor

Written from Manila, Conrad Hilton on September 15, 2017

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