My second stop in Manila was the Manila Cathedral

My tour guide brought me here, and for the record again, you do not need a tour guide in ManilaThe second stop with my tour guide. As I mentioned in my Fort Santiago post, you do not need to get a tour guide.


Do this on your own. There’s uber, so just get the app and your own travels. Don’t waste your money man!

Anyways, back to the Manila Cathedral.


Pretty cool piece of architecture. Went on the internet and the got the following facts about this place:

  • The locals call this the Mother of Cathedrals – this is per the tour guide don’t know if its factual or not
  • The first priest was Fray Juan de Villanueva – long time ago!
  • Pope Francis visited back in 2015 – I hope to meet the pope one day
  • Cathedral is the final resting place for Manila Bishops – good final resting place
  • Two Presidents also laid within the cathedral, they are Carlos Garcia and Corazon Aquino – good final resting place
  • It is located in the Intramuros – where it’s happening!
  • Home to large masses – cool
  • This cathedral has been elevated to the status of Basilica – not sure what the fuck that means

In other words, this place is a pretty big deal for the locals.


The cathedral inside is like your typical church.

For the recods, I like being in churches.

There is a sense of calm, peace and quietness. Good place for reflecting life.


Unfortunately, my tour guide was making inappropriate sexual jokes while we were inside. Errrrr ….


Don’t get a tour guide in Manila. That is my message to you all.

I don’t know why I got one, but just take it as Choi is a dumbass.









Written from Manila, Conrad Hilton on September 18, 2017

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  1. You put basilica and fuck in one sentence – you’ve learned more than what any guide could ever tell you. 🙂

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