Luang Prabang


I wanted to eat a salad.

Wow did I read that right?

Like Choi, the guy that loves to eat meat actually wanted to eat salad?

I am scared for the world now.


But this really did happened, when we went to dine at Tim Papaya Salad restaurant.


Why did I want to eat a salad?

Because we have been eating kinda shitty the last few days with a lot of drinking. So I actually said “Let’s eat a salad today”. Life boss of course gleefully said “Yes!”.

We sat down and true to my words, I ordered the papaya salad:

  • Healthy and spicy. Just how I like it. Although I prefer the Thai style papaya salad, the papaya strips are just too wide for my mouth (insert dirty joke here.)Laos

Choi is so healthy right?

Then life boss did something I never thought she do.

She went ahead and ordered a whole full dish of sour pork:


  • The sour pork life boss ordered. I thought the pork went bad because it’s sour but life boss said that’s normal…okay…LaosLaos

Sigh. Like what the hell.

Here I am trying to be health and detox. And then she goes ahead a fucks it up by ordering a whole slab of meat.

Do you not care about my health?


I think she is secretly trying to kill me.

Jokes aside, I didn’t like the pork dish. No I am not turning vegetarian. The pork itself was very sour, which made me to believe it has gone bad. But life boss said it’s normal.

Maybe she is secretly trying to kill me….

Killing me softly…

Haha, that was a bad one.

Or maybe…

Life boss wanted to eat pork sausages…


she was craving for some “sausages”.  That’s why she ordered it in front of me..but she was angry when I mentioned this to her…


Women are so hard to figure out.




Written from Koh Samui, Sea Dance Resort on May 20, 2018


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