Hong Kong


Life boss got drunk with her colleague.

Which is usually normal, except that it was on a week day .


Guys, when your partner is drunk where do you take them for dinner?

Burger joint?

Pizza place?

Chinese Food?




You let your partner choose!

Otherwise you are going to get your ass kicked!


So after picking up drunk life boss up in TST, I let her choose the restaurant.

Based on her drunk colleauges recommendation, we ended up at this Indian restaurant called Gaylord (no stupid comments please).

Drunk Life Boss wanted Indian Food, so Indian food we got.

This restaurant is damn amazing!

A top 10 Indian restaurant per Tripadvisor, Life Boss definitely made the right choice to eat here!

Choi loveeeeeeeeeeeees his indian food.


So I guess it pays to have your drunken partner pick the place to eat right?

  • Our delicious curry and dal Curry for me, Dal for Life Boss.  Life boss loves dal, not sure why but it definitely went well with our Naan. Which reminds me…..UntitledUntitled
  • This naan is to DIE FOR! Oh my god, I love Naan. I can eat this for eternity. Even though I love my low carb diets, this shit is simply too good to ignore!
  • Our chicken Biryani. A bit too small to be honest. But the taste was quite authentic (comparing to the ones I’ve had in Hyderabad), so no complaints here either!

It was a fantastic meal.



Not too expensive either, the total bill came to 450HKD? Yah.  It was good for hong kong standards.

I might come back for lunch later because they have this buffet deal. Must try it.

But then I will also fall asleep….so maybe it’s best to not come on a week day..






Tandoori Chicken – ordered on Oct 28 2017


Written from Hong Kong, on July 21, 2017

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