Best viet restaurant in Vancouver!?

That immediately caught my attention when a buddy of mine in Vancouver told me that.

There is great pho in Toronto.

There is great pho in Sydney.

You got some high expectations to meet Vancouver!

Needless to say we went to the “best” Viet restaurant in Vancouver called Baoguette.


Arrived and had to wait for 15 minutes.

Alright fine, you have a small venue. Just 5 -6  tables and it was lunch time. So fine. But you did just raise the expectation even higher because I am now hungry AND HAVE to wait.

Finally we sat down (outside the patio too! there was only one table score!), and I saw this delicious pork rice with the guy beside me. Damn that looked good was what I thought.

This shit is going to be good!

  • Life boss got the hot and sour sea food soupl not sure why she did that. is that evne authentic viet? donno. it was okay…it was too sweet. notd enuf hotness.Untitled
  • i got the rare beef noodle soup which is what i always get. pretty good, a bit sweet the soup base bu ti liked it. The beef was very good high quality.Untitled
  • then we ordered spring roll just for the hell of it. It was okay not much taste.Untitled

Will say the beef noodles is good, but everything else is average.

So don’t think it’s the best viet place I have ever had! But perhaps in Vancouver. I haven’t had other pho yet so yeah…not much comparisons for me haha.



Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2018

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