Food For Thought

Self Improvement

Lee Ka Shing’s advice

I read an article online and they quoted Lee Ka Shing on how to improve oneself.  Just FYI Lee Ka Shing is a billionaire, top 10 richest man in the world.

He basically owns 50% of Hong Kong, and has his fingers on everything from real estate to utilities.

He wrote how being poor is one’s choice.  His message is if you want to reach the next level, you have to always be constantly improving yourself.  It is a mixture of both knowledge and connections.

I do feel like I am in a rut.  I have a great budget going where I am able to save quite a bit (being on the road for 2 – 3 weeks a month also helps).  I have a full time job where I am able to sustain my lifestyle.  But, trying to get to the next level is something I would like to get to (funny because going to the race track actually got me started on this ha ha..random).

Anyways, in the spirit of self improvement, I will try to incorporate the following into my life:


Mags – I started this when I was in Toronto, but have stopped since coming to HK.  I used to buy a real estate magazine on a monthly basis.  It certainly helped in real estate planning, and to gain an update and insight on the industry.  Seeing how I might be in HK for a bit, I’d should probably get started on my research.  I will go to the book store (…where is the closest bookstore..dam) and will pick up a real estate mag at least monthly.  Anything else that catches my eye I will buy as well.

Letters – Furthermore, I am looking into getting an additional designation.  I really want to do an MBA, not just because of the knowledge but because of the people you would be meeting.  But dam, it’s hella expensive.  May settle for a CIA, but not really interested in it.  Thought about the CFA, but not really into that either.  Will have to think more about this one.

Side Projects

My portfolio has been steady.  No issues with tenants so far.  I have condo that is going to be closing in late September.  Have other items on my agenda as well.  It’s going to be crunch time.

Afterwards…we wait…..haha.

But other than that I have been active in HK too.  I’m trying to find a side job that involves teaching / consulting / helping youth.  I am very passionate about developing youth, and it’s something that I want to do.  Even if its not paid, I’ll probably try to find an organization where I can help out.  Also on my to do list.


Connections.  Important. Especially in HK.  But this isn’t connections so I can get a job.  It’s more like knowledge sharing.  There’s so much bright people out there,that if you can just converse with them on their areas of expertise you come away equipped that much better.  I know there is a Canadian Chamber of Commerce, but I am not sure how often they meet.

Third to do list.

Yes, I am lazy sometimes so to be honest not sure out of the three items i’ve described above which one I will complete (most likely can complete the buying magazine part hahah)…but I will try.

Or..maybe I’ll win the lottery =)

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