Changing of the guards


Back in HK! Going to recap my last week in Seoul here.  I really like Korea.  Seoul is a beautiful city.  Will want to visit more places next time, like Busan.

Anyways here’s the recap!

Han River

Coworkers decided to go to dongdaemun to shop.  I don’t really shop so I didn’t chill with them over the last weekend.  Instead I walked around seoul myself.  Found a famous river in Seoul, the Han River.  Sidewalks are located on both sides of the river, so you can have a nice walk, in which I did.


Also took some pictures of the river during the day




After walking through han river, went to dongdaemun myself.  As discussed above, it’s an area for shoppers. It opens till 5 AM, so girls shop till you drop.  I didn’t go with them (coworkers) for this reason, as I will not last till 5AM.  Instead I went by myself.  Pretty much finished the entire area in 30 minutes lol.


Coex Aquarium

The next day I decided to check out the Coex Aquarium.  Wanted to check it out because it was one of the sites that Running man shot at.  haha. yep. Saw a lot of marine life.  Nothing too special.






Changing of the guard

Visit one of the nearby palaces around my hotel.  Didn’t go in due to time constraints.  However I did see a ritual “Changing of the guards”, which literally means how they change guard duty.  Interesting.


Fruit Soju

Later that night met up with the cousin who was visiting seoul as well.  MEt her friend who took us around.  Went to this bar where they serve fruit soju.  We had a lot of fruit that night.  Very healthy. image



Took this picture while at work.  Just wanted to point out the height difference ahahah.image

Last minute food

One of the last nights in Seoul I decided to venture out and eat as much street food as possible.  It was delicious.


Yes it was a fun trip.  Stressful too though due to work.  But i definitely want to come back some time.  So many things I need to do still. yep.  Alright till next time!

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