Yumm…the above dish is the David Blackmore’s Flank BMS9+.

If you were wondering what BMS is, no problem! Because we didn’t know either.

Asked the waitress that was working there, and she indicated that BMS is the amount of good fat that would is in that type of meat.  The higher the rating, the more cooked the meat should be or else it will be quite rough.


Anyways, I was hungry and wanted meat. So I was sold.

The website is, and it is located at the rocks.

I should give some context why we went to this restaurant first.  Well, it was our manager’s birthday! Decided to surprise her by acting like we all forgot.  Busted out the balloons and birthday card when we got there, fun fun!

My favorite Australian Dark Ale.  So glad I found this beverage, as I will now drink it all the time when I am in Sydeny.  Anyone know if I can get some in Hong Kong?  I miss it already.

Anyways, the atmosphere is quite nice too.  It’s not the biggest restaurant, so you will need to make reservations.  But the thing with small restaurants is that it provides for a more intimate experience.   Took a couple of pictures of the interior of the restaurant:


I really like open kitchen concept.  I guess the fact that you can see your food being freshly made, automatically makes you savor and anticipate the dish that is about to be devoured.

Oh, I should comment on the actual food as well!  As indicated earlier, I ordered the flank.  To be honest, if I want to eat pure meat I will probably eat the Hurricanes Restaurant (more on that in another post) but it’s just because the Pony Dining restaurant is more high end, which means the portions are not as big.

That being said, the flavor and texture of the flank was done really well.  So would I come back? Yes, if it was for a special occasion =) But that’s my opinion, I am sure there are people that will come here on a regular basis!


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