The floating village of Phuket!  At first I didn’t believe what I was seeing.   We were basically in the middle of nowhere, when our boat approached this little village.  Crazy that this whole place is just floating on water.

Oh.  Did I mention this is where we had lunch?


As part of the tour package to James Bond Island, we got to eat Thai Food (Buffet Style) at a restaurant called Panyee Seafood Restaurant, on the floating village.

Reading through the internet forums, it appears that the floating village was constructed mainly for tourism purposes.  Well I think that was a great decision and idea, because it is really unique.  The village itself is inhabited by mostly muslims, which is why there is a Mosque where you can visit.

Unfortunately, we only had an hour to eat here so we didn’t get to explore too much of the village.  Here is a picture of the restaurant though:

Not bad! though as you can see it was not really that packed.  I mean, it’s not like you can take a bus or cab here.

  The restaurants rely purely on tours to provide them with customers.

You are probably wondering “Is the food good?”

Well, I didn’t expect much to begin with since it was going to buffet style, but it definitely surpassed my expectations !

There were pad thai, rice, chicken wings, shrimp, and veggies.  It was, actually quite delicious.


I obviously forgot to take the picture in the beginning, as the plate is half empty =p

I am hungry now.  Eating Ramen tonight in Hong Kong!!! Will also post about that lata!

Munky OUT!


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