Food gets a pretty bad rep in Cuba.

When I talk to all my friends, they tell me I am going to eat a lot of shitty food in Cuba. And it’s true, the resort food was pretty bad. But come on, it’s resort food. What did you expect? They are all about quantity of food, not quality.

You want quality? You have to go to one of the best Cuban restaurants in Havana, like  La Guarida! (also recognized as one of the best by BloombergTripadvisor)


When we arrived our table wasn’t ready.

So like all good tourists, we opted to go for some drinks. Asked the hostess where we can go, and she said we can get drinks at the bar and go straight up to the rooftop.





Oh man, this rooftop was amazing. Simply because it gave you a kick ass view of the entire city:

This view




It was breezy, not too hot, and the sunset was just beautiful. I recommend anyone dining here to come early, enjoy the sunset while sipping on your pina colada (or your drink of choice).


It was awesome sauce.

After enjoying the view for about an hour, we finally got our table.

Time to eat some delicious food!

  • The tacos were for sharing, and from the picture you can see it was stuffed with quite a lot of ingredients. Good shit. The french onion soup was just for Choi because he is selfish like that. Unfortunately, the soup was only okay. I’ve had better. Next!Untitled
  • The steak and vegetable dish that I had. Was going for low carbs that’s why I went for this. Steak cooked quite nicely, though the quality of the meat was so-so. I guess that make sense since the Americans practically have an embargo on everything here. Untitled
  • I think this was life boss’ lobster + rice dish. Damn it looks good. I didn’t want to get lobster because I ate a lot of eraser-like lobsters at our resort. Was sick of getting shitty seafood. Well turns out I got burned again, as she had the best dish out of all of us. Untitled
  • I forgot what this was. It was not chicken wings. So pass for further comment. Untitled

Food quality is alright here.

Not Impressed

So I guess it’s true, there’s no “OMG food ” in Cuba, but it’s not as shit as some make it out to be.

BUT, you should still come here as the rooftop bar is kick ass!!!

Scary jesus in the corner – he looks kind of creepy here….

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 8, 2018


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