Chiang Mai


We were sweating like a pig walking around Chiang Mai.

Don’t laugh, it’s like 35 degrees over here. How do people survive here? I have to be constantly in an air conditioned room just to survive the heat. But that of course is not sustainable. I did not fly all the way just to stay in my lousy hotel.

So we ventured out. And we sweated like there was no tomorrow.

Hungry and hot, we went to the nearest restaurant we can find that offered seating and some shelter from the damn sun.

We decided to go into this restaurant (called Rod Yiam).


Immediately you can see we failed hard in our quest to find an air conditioned room. There are no doors, no windows, no walls to keep the heat out. Fuck my life.  What a dumbass I am.


So Choi, why the fuck you choose to go in then?

Good question. Actually, I am not as dumbass as you think. When we first walked by, I saw this picture of a delicous chicken thigh in some type of awesome looking soup base. I was immediately hooked and wanted to try right away.

But I did not know if Life Boss will kick my fast ass if I proposed to keep eating (it was 3PM). So I said then I was hot as fuck and needed to sit down and rest, otherwise I would faint.

And if I fainted I told life boss she would need to carry my fat ass back to the hotel.

Okay, let’s sit down you drama queen – Is what Life Boss is thinking, probably.

Doesn’t matter, I got what I wanted.

I got to sit down at the restaurant with a picture of a delicious chicken thigh.


Sat down and told the waitress “one Khao Soi Chicken please”.

Huh? What is Khao Soi Chicken?

Hold the fuck on.

That was the name of the delicious picture of the chicken thigh.

I patiently waited for 5 minutes while I watched the chef prepare my delicious meal in his open kitchen. And when I say open kitchen I don’t mean the fine dining shit. I mean the local, ghetto ass, your asshole might get torn open kitchen:



You dare to try this place?


Because this was some damn delicious food!

  • My Khao Soi Chicken dish. My chicken was so tender, the meat literally came off the bone. And the SOUP BASE, my god so good. A watered down curry soup base that is NOT TOO watered down, aka there is a shit load of flavor yet it’s not as thick as normal curry. Argh, this was so good. UntitledUntitled

This was so good…


I’ve never had Khao Soi Chicken before. I’ve never HEARD of Khao Soi EVER either. But now that I know of it’s delicious existence, I must now need to know more about it!


Khao Soi is a popular dish served in Laos, Northern Thailand and Myanmar.

Interesting, I will be going to Laos later. Must try this dish later.

Anyways, the name means “cut rice” in Thai. What the fuck is cut rice? I guess it means rice noodles that gets cut into very thin pieces? Not too sure…

In Northern Thailand, this dish adds a deep fried egg noodles and curry like sauce that contains conconut milk. Ah, so that’s what the fried yellow shit is and why the curry has thinner consistency than normal curry. 

Man, I am so in love with this dish right now..


See life boss? It’s good to listen to me once in awhile.

If I didn’t whine and complain about being too hot and tired, we would have never gone here to eat delicious food.

Hell, you even said your Tom Yom Gong noodles were damn good too!

  • I tried the soup base. It was so damn fresh! Not sure how the noodles and the other ingredients were since Life boss does not like to share (I kid, I kid). UntitledUntitled

For great food (order the Khao Soi Chicken!) at a cheap price, check Rod Yiam out!

And Life boss, please learn how to make this dish so you can feed Choi.

Thanks, bye.

Crazy confusing menu
My Mango Juice (full of ice)
The Khao Soy I had in Luang Prabang. I prefer the Thailand one though.

Written from Chiang Mai, Bed Phrasingh on May 13, 2018


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