Hong Kong


Life boss left me in Hong Kong by myself.

So what is a guy to do when he’s by himself, alone in Hong Kong on a Friday night?

Go on tripadvisor, and see what the top Italian restaurant is in Hong Kong!

and BAM! Out came a restaurant called La Brata.

A lot of the reviews said Burrata was the best.

Burrata!? Don’t mind if I do!


Walked in and was immediately greeted by their friendly manager, Jacob.

Jacob: How many sir?

Choi: Just one

Jacob: The bar is good?

Choi: Yeah bar is good. 

Jacob: So just wondering, why alone on a friday night?

Choi: Life Boss left me by myself

Jacob: Ah got it. Party time.

Choi: Nah, Life boss will kick my ass. Instead, give me an order of Burrata and a pasta.

Jacob: Our Burrata is huge as fuck though

Choi: Don’t worry about it. I am a boss. I will finish this shit. 


The Burrata came and I am like shit.

  • This was indeed huge. But was damn delicious. The burrata was fresh, and the parama was cut right in front of my very own eyes. You can’t get fresher than this! A must order in my opinion. Untitled


For my main I was contemplating pizza because I love pizza.


Wanted pizza but was told they are more famous for pasta..so okay…went for the pesto..which was the non meat option…what is happening to me…

  • Five out of five stars! This was so good! The pasta was home made, felt so good in my mouth (sounds so wrong)….Untitled

I finished this shit of course as I was hungry.


Waitress looked at me like I was a monster though.

Could care less, I just ate a damn good meal.

Need to bring life boss here.

Brata is definitely one of the top Italian restaurants around, it’s small and cozy, and has great friendly customer service. Choi recommends!



Small restaurant
Where I sat…lol


Some duck pasta….added on March 19 2018
Burrata Brata huge! added on March 19 2018

Written from Hong Kong, Home on February 24, 2018

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