Vang Vieng


Seriously – Going to an Irish Bar in Laos?


You read that correct.

I went to an Irish Bar in Laos because I fucking can.


But in reality it’s really because of two main reasons:

1 – Vang Vieng is a back packer town so the western / european food here is quite decent.

2 – Choi loves his pub food so fuck you all I am going to eat some burgers tonight!

I think # 2 reason probably is the main motivator, but whatever. Life Boss was also getting sick of local Laos food so we went to Gary’s Irish Pub, which is ranked quite high on TripAdvisor.


Like any good pub, you have to start off with beers. And that’s what Choi did. But he didn’t want to get Guinness since he wanted to try local beer.

So he opted for the Dark Beer Lao. Fucking delicious.


One dark beer lao turned into three. You know this was going to be a kick ass night:



Side note – I have been taught growing up you should tilt your glass when pouring beer so that it doesn’t have a lot of “head”. Now that I am wiser, I now say you actually need to have some head. Otherwise you are going to be bloated like a motherfucker. And I hate being bloated.

Learning for you guys.

The food.

The part you all have been waiting for. Would food in an Irish Bar in Laos be really that good!?

Choi will answer this with a resounding YES! It was damn delicious!


  • Choi got the cheeseburger because what else would he get at an Irish Bar? Tom Yum Gong soup? Get the fuck out of here. I loved this burger. Patty was juicy, cheese was melting everywhere. Oh and the FRIES. Super good!Laos
  • Life boss got the shepherd’s pie. I only had a bite (okay maybe a couple) but man this was also really good. I can’t describe it now since it’s been a week. I just remember it was good. You can ask life boss if you want to know more details about this guy.Laos
  • Also got an order of coleslaw because why the fuck not. Untitled

This meal, was simply delicious.


I wanted to go back again but yeah with only 3 days in Vang Vieng we should be eating other stuff right?


Around 9 PM there was live music.


Can’t go wrong with live music either. Just adds to the atmosphere.

I am so impressed with this place.


It’s in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Laos), yet their food quality is still superb. I can see why this place is ranked so high on tripadvisor.

If you are craving for pub food, come to Gary’s!

Note – I don’t get paid for this haha.


Written from Koh Samui, Sea Dance Resort on May 21, 2018

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