We had an ad hoc trip to Italy from Bovec.

Italy has always been one of the countries I have always wanted to visit.

Great food, great pizza, great pasta, great people, great history.

What is there not to like about Italy?

So when we started getting bored of Bovec, Life boss said “let’s drive to Italy!”.

You knew I was going to say fuck yes. So 300 KM / 3 hour drive, no worries. Here we come Verona!

The drive was pretty straight forward, we just followed our GPS lol.

Originally we wanted to go to Venice but meh, it was going to be full of tourists.

We got to Verone at 1 and was starving after a 3 our drive. We researched which restaurant to go to and the #1 pasta in Verona apparently this restuarnat called La Ve


Sat down and ordered delicious food!

  • Got the special, fish pasta. So fresh and delicious! Recommended by the restaurant manager / owner too!Untitled
  • Life boss got the fettucine with white sauce. Looks good too!Untitled
  • Dessert. No comment. Untitled
  • Free appetizerUntitled

Really good pasta here! No wonder it’s rated # 1. We also ordered the white wine because we can no longer take red wine. We fall asleep right away lol.

Love this restaurant!



Written from Toronto, Home on July 20, 2018

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