I get so bloated nowadays.

Think it’s all the pizza and burgers that I have been eating. In my experience the following really fucks up my bloating:

  • Carbs. All kinds of carbs.
  • Beer.
  • Eating too fast
  • Stress

This has an adverse effect on my life. Always get stomach pains, get go properly, ruining my vacations etc.


So during a meal at the 98 Acres Cafe Restaurant I decided to start living a bloat free life!

Here are my tips:


# 1 – Fast in the morning

I don’t know if this is scientifically proven but when I fast I feel a lot lighter during the day.

I feel like because I am aging my digestive system just doesn’t work as fast as before. So when I don’t eat anything in the morning it gives my system a break and to catch up from all the meals I have eaten prior.

Works well for me!

# 2 – Eat more seafood, less carbs, less meats

Seafood doesn’t make me bloated.


Carbs makes me bloated. Meat sometimes makes me bloated.

Carbs I can cut out easily. Meat not so much. I had to literally force myself to order a fish for lunch at the 98 Acres restaurant.

  • The fish that I order. Yes there was rice in the meal. No I did not touch the rice. Sri Lanka
  • Life boss meal. Is she punking me or something?! She’s order a full out carb meal! Arghhh life boss. Untitled
  • We also got soup because that is low carb and it makes me feel good. The soup here was also very good!Sri Lanka
  • Life boss soup. Also very good. Untitled

It definitely felt light, but I just don’t get the same full feeling as meat.

Oh well. We are creatures of habit, so just need to create a new habit!

# 3 – Sleep early

The earlier I sleep. The less sick I get.

Even if I get 10 hours of sleep, if I sleep at 3AM I still feel like shit.

Also when I sleep early, I find my stomach is no longer bloated.

These are my 3 tips! Do you guys have any other advice? Let me know!

Sri lanka

Written from Toronto, Home on July 15, 2018

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