Borough Market, and wholesale / retail food market.  Selling fresh fruit, food, and deliciousness! We came here Saturday morning hoping to catch breakfast / brunch.  And my what an excellent decision!  Before I go on with what I ate (which was a lot), let’s talk some background about this market.  Located between Southwark street and Borough Street, this market gets busy during the mornings (especially on Saturdays).  I do not think they are open on Sundays though.  The market is claimed to have been in existence since 1014.  That is a long, long time ago.


The market prides itself in selling the best, freshest British and international produce.  When I visited, i saw many shops selling fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat.  Many of the shops are owned by locals, therefore you would not see any big international food chains here.

On to what I ate.


This was the first thing I saw when I entered the market.  Seafood curry.  Jerk Chicken.  I chose the jerk chicken.  I kid you not, this was one of the best Jerk Chicken dishes I have ever had.  So much that I wanted to go for seconds, but since I was already impressed with the first dish, I thought I save some stomach space, just in case I found more gems in the market. And I did.


I am an avid hot dog lover.  And I saw this, which is almost like a hotdog, only that they serve you two big sausages into one bun.  So it’s like, a double hot dog.  The sauce was nice, the onions gave the meal a bit of a zing, and the meat was done just perfect.  I am drooling again as I type this.

Other things that I had in this market? Juice, some fruits, sample cheeses.  I was full for the rest of the day.  Love the Borough Market!


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