Haven’t done one of these in awhile.  Ranting post!  When I was in London, I noticed that in order to use the public washrooms, I needed to pay.  Now, it only costs 50 pences (less than 50 cents CDN).  But I am not ranting about the cost of using the washroom.  More like, what if I only have bills and don’t have coins?  What if the machine was broken and the doors wouldn’t open?


I really don’t know why we need to pay to use the washroom.  Therefore, I did some googling.  Here are some main points as to why we need to pay to use the bathroom in London:

– this is not just limited to London, this is  a European thing

– it keeps the washroom clean

– some budget airliners are considering installing these pay to enter toilets (mostly European airliners)

why do Europeans like to pay to use the washroom?

Anyways, I’ve never actually paid to get into one of these.  I have found there are plenty of washrooms available when dining out.   But this concept is so foreign to me.  I have never come across this phenomenon in Canada, US or in Asia.  And the pay to enter washrooms aren’t exactly the cleanest either, so what’s the point really?

If anyone can tell me the benefits of this system that will be greatly appreciated!


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