Despite my quest of lowering my carb intake, I can’t resist a good burger.  Especially ones that are being recommended by my friends! We were around the WanChai area, so we decided to try out the burgers at Butcher Club!  The patty was juicy, the toppings were done and matched well, and the bun was warm and soft!! Where is this place?  Well here’s the address!

G/F, Rialto Building
2 Landale Street
Wan Chai



You can also find more information about the place, via their website:

The menu is yet another simple menu.  There is only one kind of burger that you can order (it includes cheese, tomatoes, onion and bacon i believe).  There are the duck fat fries (fries in duck oil), and then beer or pop.  How were the burgers you ask?  Delicious! It may be better than Beef and Liberty! Although you can’t really compare the two, since Beef and Liberty have more choices, and their desert still rules supreme.  The dining experience is also different, since butchers club is much smaller, with an open concept (so it may get a bit hot).  Picture of the inside:


Yes, packed.  But I think it’s a great place to bring your friends to.  They were also serving PBR, for those that love that kind of beer.  Would I come back again? Absolutely!!

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  1. Looks good! I didn’t really like the burgers at Beef & Liberty so I’m going to try this place out- thanks for the review 😀

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