Ahh Harvard.  Probably the most famous University in the world right? Everyone knows Harvard.   It’s one of the ivy league schools, and one of the most prestigious schools in the World.  During our visit to Boston, we made sure that we visited Harvard because well, i think you need to.


Is there a lot to do here? Not really, I mean it is a campus after all.  It’s all students studying.  I must comment though, it was very relaxing and nice just chilling at the campus.  Boston itself is a student city, and is probably why I love this town so much.

it’s so vibrant and lively.  And Young!  I presume that there is a lot of drinking going on after a University exam =p  I hope one day I get to live here, even if it’s for short period!

Harvard. A must visit, but not really anything to see. It’s a University.


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