Welcome to Beijing, China! This was honestly a childhood fulfilling trip. I was able to see / visit many places that I’ve always dreamed about since I was a little kid. And here I am! Let’s kick this post off!



Our hotel is situated in the heart of WangFuJing. This used to be a big shopping area, but apparently it has died down lately. It’s very nice area, and is very close to the Forbidden City which is a major plus. It’s also close to two of my favorite areas in Beijing, Sanlituan and Houhai (more on that later).



Sanlituan is an expat area in Beijing, equivalent to Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong. We come here a lot after work. The happy hour deal is great. Buy one drink get one free lol. This is an expat area, equivalent to LKF in Hong Kong. I prefer Hou Hai more though (more on that later). Anyways don’t have much good pics of this area. Moving on.


Street Food


So i think in our first weekend, we ventured out to a street food place in Wangfujing, where you can purchase fried scorpions and bugs:



I did not dare to try this. The scorpions were half fried, on a skewer and were still moving.

Yeah no thanks.

Bird Flu
So, the bird flu is running around in China now. Got the first case confirmed in Beijing. But we still decided to eat chicken. I think it’s only live poultry where you are in danger of catching the flu.

Here we ate good ol Mickey D’s chicken wings.


The chicken was good.


This room is the best so far out of all the rooms ive been at. It’s spacious, its cozy. I really like the open concept of the washroom too hahaha. Won’t spend too much time on the hotel.

We also get a mini bar though:


That’s it for now! Tune in for part 2 soon!

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