Back from Sydney now! Met with a friend and did some more sight seeing in my last weekend. Here’s a full recap!


Opera House

Met up with my friend from high school, and she showed me around Sydney! So big thanks to her for doing that. I am not exactly the best tourist around due to my lazy personality (I tend not to plan ahead of time for my trips). Anyways, walked to circular key and saw the infamous Opera House.

It was beautiful. We were offered a tour inside the Opera House, but after much debate we decided the tour would consist of looking at empty rooms in the Opera House (with explanation on the significance of each room of course). So we decided to take a pass.

Also saw the Harbor Bridge along our way to the Opera House. As the office is located near the suburbs, we have to drive on this bridge everyday. It is quite an experience driving on this bridge, mainly because the lanes can change directions depending on the time of the day. There’s also no barricade to separate the cars, so basically cars are coming at you at 80+ KM/H.

Here’s a picture of the bridge.

Next up we went and took the ferry to Manly Beach.

Took a walk around this area. Nice and calm, just like my whole experience in Sydney.


I think i ate a lot of food while in Sydney. Here’s a recap of the food I ate, and mind you i forgot half the restaurant names and food names already hah. I will keep track going forward.

This is the German Restaurant that I tried with my friend while walking to the Opera House. I also had German Food in Guangzhou before, so I do enjoy that kind of food (well I am good with any meat)

Then we visited Max Brenner, where they sell all kinds of Chocolate. As such, we had a chocolate meal here. I am not the biggest chocolate fan, but man this was delicious.


I also was craving chinese food, more specifically beef noodles. Told my friend about this craving and she took me to this delicious place near my hotel. Yum, I will visit here again. FYI It was located in China Town.

Best. Burger. I’ve. Had. Ever. I forgot where this is though…ugh…i have to find out from colleagues.

Oysters are soooo fresh in Sydney. Too fresh. We ate two before remembering to take a picture. haha.

Japanese meal at Karaoke in Sydney. Now that’s what I call diversity.

Last day in Sydney.

I didn’t do much in my last day in Sydney. I did visit the Casino for two hours (played texas holdem), and then proceeded to walk around the city center some more. Here are some more pictures.

On a side note, this trip made a little homesick. The city really reminds me of Toronto (the atmosphere, the weather). Plus, it’s Canada Day!! So happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians. I will be back soon.


[Original Post – July 2013]

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